Tantra Massage Las Vegas

Massage in Las Vegas

Tantra massage Las Vegas revolves around awakening energy within the body including sexual energy. The person receiving the  Tantra massage takes on the passive or submissive role and allows the masseuse to bring their energy up into a near crest and before climax brings the energy level back down. This processes is repeated several times within the span of the Tantra massage and creates waves of pleasure with crests and valleys before ultimate release.

Its an eloquent dance between stimulation and relaxation and brings endless vibrations of pleasure through the whole body. The Tatra massage is conducted in a body to body format and totally nude. The masseuse makes use of her depth of knowledge of both pressure and pleasure points on the body to achieve the one of a kind sensation that Tantra massage creates. as with all our services is available as an Outcall Massage. 


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